Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Day of Thanksgiving

I am in love with this little girl!

Leave it to Rachel Ray to make me think about how every day can be a day of Thanksgiving. And I'm very thankful to be Eliza's mommy. I love her smiles, her snuggles, her giggles and how squirmy with excitement she gets when she sees her dad. Every night we thank Heavenly Father for letting her come to our family and for being so healthy and happy and just bringing us so much joy. I don't think I really knew what joy was until she came.

And here's another story that just makes your heart swell with thankfulness. Read it, cry over it and then give a little early thanks of your own.


If you really want to shed some tears, read Mia's story as told by her mommy. It will make your heart swell with thankfulness. Well, at least it did mine.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all

Our fall in St. George consists of hearing about the snow up north while we look out the window at our nice green leaves. Sad. Actually, the leaves around town are just now starting to turn yellow and we have had to wear jackets and hats the last few mornings. Anybody want to come visit? :)

We miss the changing colors, so we had to go find them. We went hiking in Zion National Park. We hiked up behind Weeping Rock to Observation Point and had a little picnic. We thought we would be home just after lunch, but the hike took a bit longer than we expected. It was well worth it and a great way to spend a nice fall day.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

We were feeling that Halloween would not be too exciting this year - all dressed up with no place to go - but we lucked out. We were invited to a pumpkin carving party so our jack-o-lantern got carved. (Unfortunately, we had to miss the judging portion because someone just couldn't keep her eyes open - we heard it was pretty spook-tacular with 40 jack-o-lanterns all aglow.) Eliza's best buddies up the street requested that she wear their tiger costume, saved me the dilemma of "should we dress up" or "not." And then, we had some substitute grandparents to trick-or-treat to - my Aunt Joan and Uncle Arnold! We got a whole, wonderful dinner instead of just a candy bar! Now that's what I call a treat!

The candy bar was more of a hit than we thought it would be.

One holiday down, two to go. :)