Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2nd Anniversary

Of course you can't let an anniversary go by without doing something memorable, so that is just what we did. We went to the Tushar Mountains near Beaver. Mount Delano is the highest in the Tushar Mountains at 12,134 feet above sea level. Delano is the highest peak in Piute and Beaver Countys, and the 7th highest of the Utah County high points. The trailhead is about 10,000 and the hike is only about 2 miles. It was awesome, you could see for 100 miles+ in all directions, to the Henry Mountains, Pine Valley and into Nevada. It was very pretty and very different from other high peaks we have hiked. Unfortunately we forgot our camera, so all you get is pictures taken with our Camera phone. Hope you still like them, they kind of look like paintings. On our way home from hiking, Angela got to use her new fishing pole, caught her first fish even, and then we went to the Green Show at the Shakespearean Festival. One more year of fun, and one more on the way.
Baldy and Belknap Peaks

North towards Sanpete County

Ang and the Mailbox

The little white dots are about 40 Mountain Goats about 100 yards from us.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Reunion '07

Fishing in Whiterocks Canyon

The footbridge at Jones Hole

Jones Hole

The Clan at Jones Hole

The Subway needs a post too.

Since my parents were coming to Bryce Canyon, and my Dad has been wanting to see the Subway, we took them on Monday. We had two extra permits, and you can't let those go to waste, so we invited Tony and Dave to come down too. My mom did great, making it all the way to Keyhole falls. We climbed up and went to where the water got nasty, which is always a good place to turn around:) It was good fun for all, and we even go to use the Happy Hooker for the first real time. Here are just some of the many pictures taken.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Packed Summer

Here is the update, in hyperspeed. When Angela's brother Scott came home from his mission, Josh and Amanda came down to see him and spend some time with us too. We went to Las Vegas and Picked up Scott, and then when Scott and Angela's parents went home, the rest of us went to Zion for the day. We hiked the overlook trail and then played in the Pine Creek Waterfall where we built what have been dubbed the pooh castles. (Sorry I don't have many pictures) On a whim we stayed in Springdale and watched Transformers at the Imax, 9x larger (and you better know that when you leave, because they tell you that like 10 times) and unfortunately for Addy, probably 9x louder too. We had a great time with Josh and Amanda.

The next weekend we did work around the house and then stayed Saturday night at Yankee Meadows, a nice break from the heat. The following Friday night we went to Bryce Canyon with my parents. Saturday we rode the Thunder Mountain Bike trail which ended up being pretty intense, and then we hiked the Queen's Garden Trail in Bryce.

Thunder Mountain switchbacks over Red Canyon

Ang on the downhill

Oh how nice

Caught you Austin!

This is Ang heading for a razor ridge with the trail on top and very, very steep hills on the sides.

Queen's Garden

Queen's Garden

Queen's Garden

Queen's Garden/Navajo Loop

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Girls Night Out

Aaron keeps telling me I need to post the pictures from our "girls night out." Maybe that's because he wants you all to know what a wonderful husband he is for being so supportive and letting his wife go on an over-nighter without him.

So here they are. The proof...

And yes, we'll take you there.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Where is it 2

This one may be a little bit harder, but still not too bad. Here is the hint, think just barely outside the corner missing box.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Next phase of remodeling

So, we have been working on getting the next step of remodeling done on our house. It was kind of a leap of faith and we went back and forth about whether it was a good idea or not, but we did it and now we are pretty excited we did. We even got a sweet deal because we said we were willing to refer any friends who wanted to let American Exteriors work on their house too. Let us know if you like it and we can send them your way to give you an estimate.