Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's the Sedona difference?

Nathan asked a question about why Sedona was different from the other places we like to visit. I can't believe that I left that part out because it really was half the greatness of our trip. Besides there being scads of people in Sedona, and houses and golf courses being built on top of all the natural beauty, there is only one word that would describe the difference. Vortexes, yes the plural is correct and no, my explanation would never do it justice. So here are some links answer the question. Who knows, you may very much like what you find.

Make sure you watch the video!

Cyber Vortex?

And please don't miss this one.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

If winter will not come to us, we will go to winter, kind of. (Part 1 of 2)

Since we don't have enough excuses to get out and see the world, we planned a trip to meet our friends Christian, Valerie, Jacob, and Addison in Sedona, Arizona over the Veterans Day Weekend. If you have ever been to Sedona, you now that it is different than other places we visit. After much searching we decided to stay 25 miles away in Flagstaff. I really like that town. Angela really likes it too because it was cold there (hence us going to winter). I like the ponderosa trees all over town, the high elevation (7000 ft) and small town feel. It is what we thought Anchorage, Alaska would be like. We only have one picture of it looking cold (at the end). The others really are not wintery at all, but we tried...kind of.

This is on the trail between Oak Creek and the Cathedral.

This is on Oak Creek just south of Sedona

Northwest of Sedona on the Devil's Bridge Trail. Looks a lot like Zion, except there are houses and golf courses etc. everywhere.

Here is us on Devil's Bridge, making some of the other visitors nervous.

Slide rock state park in Oak Creek Canyon

Slide Rock State Park Again

The only picture of Semi-Winter we have, the lookout for Oak Creek Canyon, and yes that is Duck Tape at the bottom of the picture, our camera broke and there is only one way to fix it.

We had a great time and look forward to other trips with Christian and Val, For the trip home see the next post....

The Trip Home (Part 2 of If Winter...)

If you haven't read the Sedona post, go there first. I wanted to break our last trip in two because we kind of had two trips, a nice relaxing trip to Flagstaff and Sedona for 2 days and then the epic trip home on Monday. So look at the Sedona trip first and then see the pictures we took on the way home.

I will let the pictures do the talking, these are all from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Canyon and then Moving East to Desert View.

Then the Little Colorado Gorge and Lees Ferry

Last but especially not least, our tribute to Cher, she did so good, just as usual. We again spent some quality time together, she deserves this tribute and a great big hug, if we could get our arms around her.