Wednesday, October 31, 2012


An Indian, a ballerina and a skeleton with a pumpkin head.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Uintas 2012

I contemplated not putting these pictures in a post because there is no possible way for them to do justice to the beauty of this trip.  Here they are anyways, I just could not leave them out.  

Back at the end of the July, we let the girls go to Nana Camp early and we went to big kids camp.  We met up with Jeremy, Becca, Dave and John and went backpacking to Granddaddy Basin in the High Uintas. We picked a lake off the beaten path and really only saw the scouts one time in the 3 days we were there. We had our own little lake and got pieces of everything - sun, rain, hiking, time in camp - it was all great!  We hiked all through the basin and saw lots of lakes and traveled lots of trail 
(and lots of not-trail).  

 Marsell Lake

 Governer Dern Lake

 On the trail

Our beautiful campsite

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Summer Highlights 1

Some of our Summer Highlights that should probably have been posted back in August. Oh well.
 Mom ran the RAGNAR!

 With some help of course.

 Austin went through the Temple,

 and then went to Pine Creek with us for kind of a grand finale before leaving on his mission to India.

Yeah, that is Angela jumping off the rocks after the repelling in Pine Creek was done.  It was fun and we had a great time with our friends.  

Friday, October 5, 2012


Even though work was quite busy the end of May, we found some time off and took an 8-day vacation.    Nana and Grandpa had a place for us to stay on the Big Island so we could not resist.  We had thought about going alone, but we knew the girls would have fun at the beach. After agonizing over when the best time to buy the tickets was, and then missing that time, but still buying, off we went. 

 Yes, there was much dancing and playing.  This I think is half yoga, half dancing.  

 Getting sprayed by the big waves and watching the crabs run around on the rocks.

 Hiking to Akaka Falls.

 There were interesting trees and fruit all over the island, such a contrast of vegetation.

 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. No, we didn't see lava and we were pretty disappointed about that. 

 Hiking through the Jungle to a lava tube.

 Playing with Uncle Jeff was a highlight of the trip for sure.  

 Black sand beach and a turtle, double fun!

 On the North side of the Island we hiked down to the beach from the top of the cliffs.  

 Happiness is playing in the sand.  

 The Kona Temple

 Shave Ice of course.

 Waiting for the sunset and the "green flash" some people were there with a parrot. The girls got to talk with it, and take pictures.  

 Overall the girls did pretty good with the flying part. They did stay awake the whole red-eye flight over, which was not good, but we made it.  

We tried to mail these home, but didn't make it and tried to carry them on. That doesn't work, just so you know. They have unidentified liquid in the middle of them, so no coconuts for us.  So sad.

Note:  After going to the Big Island, we went to Oahu to see friends, we didn't get many pictures of this part of our trip, but the girls had sooo much fun visiting friends, they ask to go back to see thier friends all the time.  Thanks for the hospitality and for hanging out with us Kevin and Mel and Chris and Allison! Hopefully we can come back to see you soon.