Sunday, December 16, 2007

Year in Review

We are taking the lazy way out. Or should we say the "green" way out. Less paper, less waste. It's the wave of the future, people. So here it is, the long awaited Averett Christmas Newsletter!

Ode to 2007

2007 – It’s been a good year!
Nothing much changed,
If it did, it’s unclear.

Trips, trips, trips and more trips!
We tripped ourselves silly!
We loved every minute
And say THANKS times a milly
To all those who hosted, camped, hiked and made our trips great!
We really do think that you all are first rate!

Aaron continues to grow into a fine engineer.
Soon he’ll take his test and be official next year.
His free time is precious and gets split three ways
Between his house and his Scouts and his favorite - wife days.
September found Angela settling down
In her very own classroom,
Complete with class clown.
The students and teachers of Valor Hall are becoming fast friends,
We’ll be sad when the daily life with them ends.
But we’ll take it with a smile,
And we’ll all give a cheer
Because the end of school in May
Is when the baby will be here!

With the room newly painted and crown molding on the wall,
We’re getting ready for the patter of little feet in our hall.

So tune in next year for sure!
The adventures will abound!
And where there were two,
We pray three will be found.

We love you all!
Merry Christmas!