Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pictures from the Edge

One of the good things about living in St. George is that we get to have visitors who have to come down for business. We get to see them and have an excuse to go and play. This happened this week when William came to see us. (and maybe to go to a conference on water rights too, which is more fun?) It was also Angela's spring break so we did some playing around St. George and then went out and stayed at Toroweap on the Grand Canyon Wendsday night. The canyon drops straight down almost 3,500 feet and had we had a water balloon launcher we could hit the river with rocks. Now you know what we will take next time. We had been there once before, but we didn't find the overhanging rocks in the pictures until this time.
Looking up the Colorado river.

Looking down the Colorado river with Lava falls in the bottom,

Zoom in on this picture to see us on the rock.

Here is my try at artistic photography,

There are a lot of these pools on either side of the road on the way to the point.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hope of Spring

These are two pictures of hope for anyone still stuck in winter. Hang in there, it is coming, I took these pictures today.

Goosberry Mesa

While Angela was away seeing her parents off to the MTC, the boys had to get in a little play. After hearing how great mountain biking Gooseberry Mesa is we finally got to go and check it out yesterday. Chris, Jerad and I went out and road about half the trails, South Rim, Skatepark, Hidden Canyon, North Rim and Slickrock 101. We then went down to Grafton and they did some drops (my bike is not made for these). We were tired but it was really fun and I hope to get out there again soon.