Monday, October 4, 2010

Maybe we are crazy

After staying home last weekend and enjoying such good weather I just could not stay home and watch possibly the last good weekend slide by without taking advantage of it. I took half of Thursday and and all of Friday off and we went on a trip. I didn't realize that sometimes our trips get out of hand until the guys at work were telling me how crazy we are, and then I mapped where we went. Here is the map.

450 miles later I am pretty sure that we saw 90% of the colored leaves in Southern Utah. Between the high spots we went to and the roads we drove on I estimated we saw over 3 million aspen trees, lots of color. Our first destination was Fishlake Hightop and the second - Bluebell Knoll on Boulder Top.

The weather was perfect and we woke up in the morning and went down by the lake to throw rocks and eat grass.

Bluebell Knoll was awesome. There was no one on Boulder Top and it was so pretty despite being brown since winter up there is just around the corner. You really feel like you are in the clouds up there.
We had a picnic at Raft Lake and then made our way home, after over 300 miles of asphalt and 150 miles on dirt roads it was time to go home. The girls were sooo good and it really was nice to have a break and enjoy a great-weather weekend.