Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is way past due, but we want to congratulate our friends Brent and Ashley for getting married, and tell them thanks letting us use their reception as an excuse to go to Washington for 4 days. They also helped us with some trip planning, making our trip wonderful. We were glad we got to see them at their reception. Let's just say this post is in honor of them.

Brent and Ashley's reception was in Yakima, so we flew into Pasco, Washington and drove west from there. We love 1 terminal airports so much better than the big ones. We got in late Thursday night and found a campsite just below White Pass outside Mount Rainer National Park. In the morning, we drove in and got a campsite that we loved and stayed at for 3 nights. It was a walk-in campsite on the edge of the campground, quiet, with a bathroom nearby. What more could we ask for.

Friday we went for a loop hike from Tipsoo Lake, which took us past lakes and had great views of the mountain. I guess we were lucky to see the mountain, but as you can see the clouds did roll in later in the afternoon. Before that, it was nice to go for a wade in the glacier water and then it was just right once it was overcast.

Friday night was the reception so we drove back to Yakima, then back to our campsite. Saturday morning you can tell what Eliza was doing, her Bumbo is the only way to keep her still when she is eating so yes, we had to take it with us. We kept thinking that people would think we were crazy for wearing sweatshirts and hats, but to St. George people it was nice and cold.

Eliza was soooo good the whole trip even though we were in the car a lot. She found lots of trees to play around and dirt to play with and sand and sticks and rocks and on and on.
She loves her backpack too. We went to Paradise Saturday morning and hiked around in the clouds and then we hiked a 3+ mile section of the Wonderland Trail (yeah only a small fraction of the 93 miles around the mountain). There were waterfalls and huge trees and glaciers.

Finally, at the end of the day as we were going back to camp, the clouds broke and we saw the mountain up close. That mountain is huge! Sunday we drove down to see one of it's little relatives, Mount St. Helens. It is crazy to see all the exhibits and movies about what happened back in 1980. You can see that Eliza was just happy to get out of the car and run!

Our favorite campsite.
There was a trail that Eliza and I made where we left our campsite and walked only on fallen trees all around the forest and then came back to our campsite another way. We felt like Ewoks. Monday we went on two more hikes, played in the water a little and then drove back to Pasco. We had a great trip and would recommend Mount Rainer to anyone who has not been there, it was beautiful!

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Say HI to Eliza's little sister!

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A Favor

Aaron's little brother is doing something amazing this spring. He is going with a group of people to India to help work on an orphanage. I am in total support! What an incredible way to spend your spring break when you are in high school. Anyway, in order to raise money for the trip, Austin and his friend entered a contest to make a commercial for an e-company. The video is pretty sweet - check it out.

And now for the favor --
Help these boys do something they will never forget. Vote for their video and help them win that grand prize! They are up against some stiff competition so we need all the votes we can get. Tell your friends, tell your family.


Oh, and sorry to keep you all hanging about our latest news. February is when we will once again expand our home.