Monday, February 27, 2012

President's Day

What to do on Presidents Day?
It has been soooo cold all winter so we had to go somewhere warmer :)
Our friends invited us to go to the Goldstrike hotsprings and we jumped at the chance. Between Boulder City, Nevada and Hoover Dam we hiked down a canyon to the Colorado River. Then we played in the hotsprings before going to get a closer look at the new bridge and Hoover Dam.

The canyon had some narrow spots and lots and lots of sand.
Here is the bridge just up river from where the canyon met the river.

Lots and lots of rocks to climb around and over and under. This was the ultimate kid conveyor belt (6 adults, 13 kids ages 15 to 18 months).
The hot springs were hot hot to cool and the girls had lots of fun playing in the pools
Just before the sun went down we hiked up to the bridge and took some pictures. It was a long day but really fun.