Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where is it 1

I would like to try and start a Where is it contest. Lets see if you know or can guess where the picture was taken. I figured we need to do something with all the pictures in our library so this seemed like the best idea. Just one rule, if you know for sure where it is, just post the initials so that others may guess without seeing on accident. Even if you don't know, post a guess or ask for a hint and we will see what we can come up with. Here is the first one.... Who will get it?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lookin at Mud, etc.

So this saturday I had to go to Kanab to look at some cuttings that came out of a well we have been working on at work. You can't just go out there and not go exploring, so here are our pictures of exploring.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kanarra - Sewer - Sewer

These are the latest pictures from our last two weeks, we went hiking in Kanarra Canyon then fixed the sewer line, then went to Red Cave and had another encounter with water that smelled like sewer. Like good little canyoneers we still went into the water and saw the rest of the canyon, but not without much knashing of teeth and twisted faces (sorry no pictures of that part).

Kanarra Creek, Kanarraville Canyon, you can choose which name you like best.

Aaron's masterful water pictures.

Guess how deep the water was.

Oh the joys! Need I say more?

Red Cave: Enter at your own risk!

Red Cave

Beautiful refrigeration!

We are here! We are here! We are here!

Name that book!

Ahh the all important first blog. Let us capture your attention and make checking this blog an event that will prevent you from leading a normal life ever again. Suspense like this must have a purpose, a purpose more lofty than other pursuits that life may throw in your direction. Well, lets not get too ambitious yet, lets let the posts do the talking and your fingers do the typing. Sit back enjoy and post as you like, we will consider this a good way for us to keep in touch with all of you who we have neglected since we moved far away. You may be far away but you are not forgotten, read on….