Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer 1

It has been a busy summer getting lots of fun in and taking a little time to rest and relax too.  Here are some of many pics from our summer adventures. 


The Subway

Another Birthday, #5, yeah that is scary.

And the Lightning Strikes

From Tridell looking south about 60-80 miles is the Book Cliffs.  Most days it is clear enough to see them gradually rise out of the desert, with a big cut where the Green River runs through Desolation Canyon on to Green River and Moab.  For the past month or so there have been quite a few big thunderstorms at night and it is awesome to watch the lightning flash across the whole southern horizon.    Hearing the thunder would be fun too, but it is a little far away for that.  Here are some pictures we took the other night.  Yes I am proud of them.  I have wanted to have a camera I could do this with for quite some time, so yes I was excited when the first one turned out.  These were on a 30 second exposure.