Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lazy Summer Days

I just realized that we have very few posts of what we do at home, sometime we will post on the very slow and ongoing remodeling, or what I do at work, but that is not today. This post is about the fun things we do at home. As usual the pictures do the best explaining.
When it is hot you have to play in the water. This is a very typical excited face. 
Eliza likes to pick and eat apricots.  Sometimes Mom and Dad don't catch her before she finds the easiest ones to get, the ones on the ground, sometimes the ants beat her to them but she doesn't mind, they still taste good.  

Between our two gardens there is quite a lot of weeding and picking to be done.  I forgot to put the corn in the picture, which I think is Eliza's favorite, straight off the cob cooked or not.
With the heat in full force it is also nice to go play in the Virgin River, our skim boards are almost done so hopefully in the next month we will spend more time there.