Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grandpa Camp

This year for the girls sewing retreat the Moms and Nana stayed at home while the kids and Dads went to Park City and did fun things in the surrounding area. Here are some pictures from the Grandpa Camp activities.

Out on Trial Lake in the inflatable raft.
Lots of rock throwing, some fishing but no fish and a little bit of rain too. It was a nice break from our heat at home to have to wear sweaters.
The kids climbed all over Provo Falls,
And of course they were extremely worn out.
We then went to Guardsman pass where the kids played in the snow and then we went to Cascade Springs. After two days of Grandpa Camp, it was time for Nana Beach Camp to start. We don't have pictures of Nana Camp since it was only for the kids, not the parents, but they fished, built sand castles, went swimming, made pictures and more. We had a lot of fun and some kids that slept very well when they were done with the festivities. Looking forward to next year.